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Mould & Asbestos

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Do you have Mould?

Mould can hide anywhere in your home or building.  You need to know how to find it.

Concerned about Asbestos?

If you think you have asbestos, you need expert advice.

Concerned about Vermiculite?

Homes containing Vermiculite should be inspected for signs of asbestos.

Templar Mould Removal

Serving Toronto and the GTA

If you have mould, asbestos or vermiculite anywhere in your home, they can affect the indoor air quality and harm your family's health. All of them are dangerous materials and only qualified professionals, like your Templar representative, should handle their inspection, analysis and removal.

Our trained and certified specialists follow a proven process:

  • Inspect your home for infestations.
  • Test and Analyze the results to determine the extent of the problem.
  • Plan and execute safe removal as required.

Mould can be found in even the newest homes. Moreover, Asbestos and Vermiculite were used as insulation in Toronto & GTA homes for many years. It's why having a qualified inspection is so important; it's the only way to confirm whether you have a problem, and to get rid of it completely.


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