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Asbestos Inspection Process

Discover How The Toronto Asbestos Removal Experts Inspect Your Home

green mould on wallsPrior to knowing the health hazards associated with prolonged exposure to asbestos it was used in a number of industries including hot water pipe insulation, roofing and siding shingles, wall and attic insulation, stove top heat pads, millboard or cement sheets used around stoves and fireplaces, vinyl floor tiles, and furnace and oven door gaskets. The only way to find out if this toxic material is present in your residential or commercial building is to schedule a proper asbestos inspection.

What Is Involved During An Asbestos Inspection?

  1. A certified inspector will arrive at your house to take air and material samples for testing and analysis.
  2. The findings are typically confirmed by an independent laboratory.
  3. Based on the asbestos report it will be determined whether or not you need asbestos remediation (when it’s not a source of airborne fibres it’s best to leave it undisturbed).
  4. Areas where asbestos has been detected will be sealed off to stop airborne particles from escaping (this may happen even in cases where no removal is required).
  5. Airtight containers are used to collect contaminated materials in order to prevent unnecessary exposure.
  6. A powerful HEPA vacuum will be used for cleaning affected areas to eliminate remaining fibres.


Only certified professionals like those at Templar Mould should conduct asbestos testing and remediation. Unnecessary exposure and improper handling could lead to serious health problems. Don’t risk it.


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