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Do You Have A Mould Problem?


Mould spores are constantly in the air around us. They are not usually a problem - until they find a place to grow, which is anywhere with the right conditions - moisture and a food source, like the dust in your home.


Then you have a mould problem and everything that goes with it.


But how do you know that mould has begun to grow in your home?

Unpleasant Odours - Damp, musty odours, especially in your basement or attic, are usually a sign of mould growth
Discoloration on Walls, Ceilings, Furniture, etc. - Moulds that have begun to grow will show as dark green, brown or black patches in damp areas of your home.
Breathing and Respiratory Problems - Sspores irritate your breathing passages and lungs. If you notice breathing issues and/or allergy symptoms that you do not experience outside of your home, you should check for problems.
Eye Irritation - Sspores can cause mild burning and watering of your eyes
Wood/Dry Rot - Mould feeds on the wood structure of your home. In advanced stages, it can weaken your floor, ceiling and wall supports. Look for dark areas on wood and, in advanced stages, spongy or flaking wood.


Different moulds present different problems - Some growth isn't a major problem, unless you have any of the signs and symptoms listed above. Testing is the only way to know what type (species) of growth you have and just how harmful it can be to you and your family.


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