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Dry Ice Blasting


Dry Ice blasting Is The Most Efficient Method For Mould Removal In Toronto


But That's Not The Only Benefit:

Environmentally Friendly Material – Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, which occurs naturally in the atmosphere
No detergents, chemical cleaning agents or solvents
No waste – dry ice evaporates cleanly into the air, leaving only the mould you want to remove
Non-Abrasive Cleaning Action - Dry ice blasting does not damage the surfaces or materials being cleaned - including wood, metal and concrete
Safe For You – With no fumes or harmful chemicals, dry ice blasting is safe
to use anywhere indoors
Saves Time – When you choose dry ice blasting, you get rid of your mould problem in minimal time.  Everything gets back to normal sooner
Cleans equipment in place
You save time and money  


Far superior to traditional cleaning methods like sandblasting, pressure washing and chemical cleaning, dry ice blasting removes mould and nothing else, leaving your building and contents clean and damage-free.


Templar Mould uses the most advanced dry ice blasting equipment and procedures for a faster and more thorough cleaning process.


Let Templar Mould and Asbestos effectively eliminate the mould from your home or business faster with Dry Ice Blasting technology. Contact Templar - 416-209-4857 - and get 10% OFF any Mould & Asbestos/Vermiculite Inspection and Analysis when you choose Templar Mould / Asbestos Analysis & Removal Services.

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