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Getting Rid Of Mould And Mildew Smell

mould on wallsWondering how to get rid of mould and mildew smell from your basement or garage? It's not easy; the odour tends to linger for a long time unless treated properly.

Good ventilation is key and there are many different suggested solutions including:

Common health risks of mould are:

  • Chemical cleaners
  • Deodorizing machines and products (like scented plug-ins and sprays)
  • Putting additional fans in the area
  • Leaving windows and doors open to let the sun and air in

Ventilation can be a challenge in a basement with small windows above the ground and little or no sunlight or outside air. Besides, breathing in the vapours of chemical cleaning agents and deodorizers can lead to other health issues.

A professional mould removal and cleaning service can ensure that the mould and mildew is gone forever. Trying to do it yourself can be dangerous as you could inhale the mould spores (and get sick) as well as cause it to spread to other areas. It is also not easy to see and often grows in hard-to-reach places like crevices and cracks.

Templar Mould/Asbestos Analysis & Removal Services provides professional assistance to help you regain a healthy indoor environment. We are certified in mould analysis and removal (I.I.C.R.C.) and offer verification options to make sure your GTA home or business is mould-free.

Getting rid of mould and mildew smell is not a DIY job. Don't put yourself and your family or employees at risk.

How Templar Can Help Get Rid Of Mould And Mildew Smell

At Templar Mould, we use the latest equipment and techniques to remove mould and mildew spores to take away that unpleasant, musty smell. We know that proper identification, removal and cleaning of mould and mildew are the only way to restore a healthy home or working environment.

How do we help your get rid of the mould, mildew and smell?

  • We remove the cause before eliminating the symptoms
  • Seal contaminated areas to prevent spread
  • Meticulously clean all contaminated surfaces using techniques that best suit your situation such as
    • HEPA vacuum
    • Wire brush scrubbing
    • Sanding
    • Soda blasting
    • Dry ice blasting
  • Remove and clean or dispose of all contaminated materials
  • Perform ongoing cleaning of the work area and tools throughout the removal process
  • Conduct air sampling following clean-up to make sure the mould has been eliminated

Templar Mould/Asbestos Analysis & Removal Services has powerful equipment and certified crew to ensure efficient and safe removal of mould and mildew smell permanently.


Call Templar today at 416-209-4857 and get 10% off any mould and asbestos/vermiculite inspection and analysis in the GTA. Contact Templar using our online form or e-mail us for more information on how we can get rid of mould and mildew smell from your GTA home or business premises.

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