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Mould Inspection and Analysis

Serving Toronto and the GTA


Mould is Everywhere

When you have a mould problem, you need fast solutions to avoid health risks, unpleasant odours and damage to your home.


Templar’s Inspection & Analysis Service

With a decade of experience in building inspections, you can trust Templar Mould to quickly inspect your entire home, analyze any growth and offer safe and effective solutions to make your home safe, clean and healthy again.




Templar's Mould Inspection answers two important questions:

Do you have a problem?
How bad is it?

To find the answers, Templar thoroughly inspects your home, interior and exterior:

Locate mould
From the roof to the basement

Determine the extent of growth
Treatment depends on the location and amount of growth

Search for causes
Stop mould by correcting the causes



Templar's Mould Analysis determines the impact of mould growth on your indoor environment:

Air Sampling -

Indicates the parts of your home that are affected and the extent to which they are affected Samples taken throughout your home at different times of day

Mould Sampling -

Laboratory testing determines the types of moulds present and what's needed to eliminate them




Following a complete inspection and analysis, Templar designs a custom solution to eliminate your mould problem. With Templar's Inspection and Analysis Service, your customized solution makes your home a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable place to live.


Email Templar today or call 416-209-4857 (Toll-Free 1-866-505-4857) and get 10% OFF any Mould, Asbestos and Vermiculite Inspection and Analysis when you choose Templar's Analysis & Removal Services.

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