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Kitchener Mould Removal


green mould on wallsYou want the best mould removal company in Kitchener because you know the often serious health threats a mould infestation can create in your home or business.

Templar Mould is that company and we are ready and equipped with trained and qualified inspectors and removal specialists who will eliminate the health risks to your family, employees and visitors.

Some of the identified health issues include:

  • Infections: When weakened immune systems are exposed to higher levels of spores, it can result in systemic fungal infections and can also raise the risk of sinus, digestive tract, lung and skin infections.
  • Irritations: Higher spore counts can make eye, nose and throat irritations more frequent.
  • Phlegm & Coughing – With the need to fight off more infections and irritations, your body’s immune system must work a lot harder, which increases coughing and the production of phlegm.
  • Shortness of Breath and Wheezing – Spores have been known to trigger asthma attacks, and can cause asthma-like symptoms in people without asthma.
  • Allergies – Many people have mould allergies that are aggravated by higher concentrations of spores.


There is significant risk to anyone who is exposed to mould at home, work or anywhere else. If you suspect you have an infestation, you need to solve the problem fast.

Inspection, Analysis & Removal

Using a proven process that results in a thoroughly clean and healthy indoor environment, Templar knows how to get you breathing easily again.

Inspection: The size of any infestation, where they are located and the type of mould must be identified before they can be properly addresses. Templar’s professional inspectors are equipped with the tools and experience to find infestations anywhere they may be in your home or business.

Air Sampling: Not only is a visual inspection conducted but air samples are taken throughout the building to identify all sources of spores.

Analysis: Testing and analyzing the results of the inspection is the only way to develop an effective plan for removal.

Mould Sampling: Identifies the species so the right elimination methods can be used.

Removal:  Following the results of the inspection and analysis, a custom plan is developed to eliminate the infestation. Once implemented, your home or business will be clean and healthy again.

You deserve the best Kitchener mould removal services, call Templar today at 1-866-505-4857 for more information.

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