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Mould Remediation

Get The Leading Mould Remediation Company In Toronto

green mould on wallsProfessional mould remediation is the only way to make your home or business a safe place to live and work. Constant exposure has been known to cause unpleasant odours, health issues and property damage. Don’t risk it!

Mould can grow anywhere, often in hard to reach places and even in new homes. High humidity, condensation and moisture build up or leaks and dampness may be the cause. Trying to remove mould yourself may actually cause it to spread as well as make you sick. Moreover, using bleach or other household cleaning agents is only a temporary solution.

What Does Mould Remediation Involve?

  • Mould inspection is the first step in the removal process, and it includes material as well as air sampling. You need to know where it is and the extent of the problem.
  • Mould analysis confirms its presence and determines what type of mould you are dealing with.
  • Sealing of the contaminated areas during mould remediation is crucial to prevent it from spreading and causing illness.
  • Having the right tools for mould removal including powerful vacuums and proper methods of mould disposal ensures you won’t be dealing with it again anytime soon.


If you suspect that there is mould in your home schedule a mould inspection and analysis and get started with mould remediation right away.

Choose Templar For Mould Remediation

Templar Mould has more than 10 years of experience with mould remediation in residential and commercial buildings. We are certified in mould analysis and removal (I.I.C.R.C.). This means we have the expertise to help you effectively eliminate it.

Why Is Templar Your First Choice For Mould Remediation?

  • We inspect every inch of your home from the roof to the basement thoroughly, and this helps us pinpoint the exact location of the mould.
  • Remove the cause before eliminating the symptoms by identifying and correcting the source of moisture
  • Take all the necessary steps to provide for the health and safety of residents and personnel including setting up sealed containment areas around the affected areas
  • Remove and clean or dispose of all contaminated material
  • Conduct air sampling following clean up to ensure the mould has been eliminated

Get rid of mould once and for all.

Let Templar effectively test and eliminate mould in your home or business.

You deserve the best Toronto mould removal services, call Templar today at 1-866-505-4857 for more information.

Contact Templar today - 416-209-4857 - and get 10% OFF any Mould & Asbestos/Vermiculite Inspection and Analysis when you choose Templar Mould / Asbestos Analysis & Removal Services.

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