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Do You Need Mould Remediation?


If you know or even suspect your home or office has a problem with mould, remediation is your next step and the sooner you take it, the better.

Mould is far more common than most people think and spores can be found almost anywhere. But spores are generally harmless until they find a place to germinate. Like any other organism, they need food and water to grow and, when they do, that’s when you’ll need mould remediation.

Spores feed on the organic matter found in dust, dirt or materials like wood and fabric. If any of these things are present in a place that remains damp long enough, like where you might have a basement leak or condensation problem, then they are ideal places for mould spores to germinate.

How To Find Out If You Have A Mould Problem

  • Damp, musty odour – Very often you’ll notice a bad smell in your basement, where you’re more likely to have the sorts of leaks that can cause mould to grow, but it can affect your whole house.
  • Health issues – If you notice the following, and there are no other apparent causes, it might indicate a problem:
    • Eye, nose and throat irritation
    • Coughing and phlegm
    • Wheezing and shortness of breath
    • Asthma symptoms
    • Allergic reactions
  • Discolorations in damp areas or where moisture might flow – If you have a window well that leaks occasionally and notice a dark colour where the water flows or dark areas in bathroom corners and crevasses, where water may not evaporate as quickly, it’s very possible that the discoloration is caused by mould.


What To Do If You Have A Mould Problem

Find and contact a professional mould remediation specialist like Templar Mould & Asbestos Analysis & Removal. They follow a proven process to safely detect and completely rid your premises of all mould and the health problems associated with it.

  • The health & safety of the occupants of the building is our primary concern
  • Seal and disinfect all contaminated surfaces
  • Air sampling and testing to make sure the problem is eliminated


Contact Templar Mould today and let us help you with understand and eliminate your problem with mould remediation. Call 1-866-505-4857 for more information

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