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Mould Removal Newmarket

Complete Professional Mould Removal in Newmarket

green mould on wallsIf you're looking for the best mould removal in Newmarket, you need to look carefully. Getting rid of an infestation is a lot more than cleaning up a few dark spots.

When you choose Templar's remediation services, you not only get professional expertise, you get a proven process that completely rids your home or business of all mould growth.

The Templar Removal Process

Developed after extensive training and many years experience, the Templar process not only focuses on getting rid of the problem, but making sure it doesn't return.

  1. Safety First: The personal safety of all residents, employees and other building occupants is the top priority.
  3. Identification: Thorough inspection and analysis determines the type and extent of the problem.
  5. Stop Moisture: Mould needs moisture to germinate and grow. No remediation process will work unless all sources of moisture are eliminated.
  7. Seal-off Affected Areas: Sealed containment areas stops the spread of spores to other parts of the building.
  9. Sanitize Infested Surfaces: Cleaning procedures can include HEPA vacuuming, wire-brush scrubbing, sanding, soda blasting and dry-ice blasting
  11. Remove Contaminated Materials: Anything that can’t be properly cleaned will be safely removed.
  13. Maintaining a Safe Work Environment: The work areas and tools are cleaned on an ongoing basis throughout the procedure.
  15. Sampling and Testing: The air throughout the building is tested following clean-up to ensure the problem is gone.


The ultimate goal of the Templar process is to make your home or business healthy, safe and more comfortable. When we reach that goal, you can stop worrying and breathe easily again.


Get the best mould or asbestos removal in Newmarket working for you. Call Templar today at 1-866-505-4857 or contact Us for more information.


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