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Popcorn Ceiling And Asbestos: Should You Have
It Removed?

basement with asbestos fibresPopcorn ceilings were a popular choice for homes right up to the early 80s as they were easy to install and economical. Unfortunately, most of them were contaminated with asbestos since the health hazards were unknown until then. If your home was built prior to 1990 or if you suspect you may have asbestos  in your popcorn ceiling, don’t touch it. Call a certified asbestos inspection service immediately to find out for sure.

Should You Have Asbestos Removed From Your Popcorn Ceiling?

  • Whether or not your popcorn ceiling asbestos should be removed will vary from home to home.
  • It is not the amount of asbestos that is present in the popcorn ceiling as much as the condition it is in.
  • If your ceiling is cut or damaged, chances are the asbestos fibres will become airborne. This makes it a serious health hazard.
  • Asbestos fibres are tiny and often invisible. It is not possible to tell by just looking at the ceiling and you should not attempt to get too close just in case.
  • Only a certified asbestos inspection can confirm whether or not you have a problem and what exactly should be done about it. Not all popcorn ceiling asbestos needs to be removed.


Templar Mould/Asbestos Analysis & Removal Services offers certified inspectors to perform the testing. We also confirm findings through an independent laboratory analysis to be absolutely sure. You can rely on our experienced inspectors and technicians for definitive results and a safe asbestos removal process.

Certified Professionals For Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos Testing And Removal

Templar Mould/Asbestos Analysis & Removal Services will help restore a healthy indoor environment in your home. So many GTA homeowners rely on our expert asbestos testing and removal service to eliminate this toxic substance from their living environment.

Templar professionals are skilled and qualified:

  • Testing is a complex process which requires experience and the right equipment. Our certified asbestos inspectors have the right training and experience. They know what to look out for.
  • Our asbestos inspection will not only confirm whether or not you have a problem but also determine next steps. Not all asbestos needs to be removed so why go through the process unnecessarily? When not damaged or cut (which releases fibres into the air), it might be preferable to just seal it.
  • Attempting to remove the asbestos from your popcorn ceiling yourself is likely to cause these fibres to become airborne and can be breathed in. They tend to accumulate in the lungs and can cause serious ailments like lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. Our technicians were the required protective gear, so we minimize the risk to you and to us.
  • Asbestos remediation and disposal follows very strict safety guidelines to ensure well- being of technicians and building occupants. We are committed to maintaining approved standards.

Let Templar Mould test your popcorn ceiling for asbestos. It’s the only way to know whether or not you have an asbestos problem.

Call Templar Mould, certified asbestos analysis and removal at 1-866-505-4857 or contact us for complete asbestos removal and remediation.


Contact Templar today - 416-209-4857 - and get 10% OFF any Mould & Asbestos/Vermiculite Inspection and Analysis when you choose Templar Mould / Asbestos Analysis & Removal Services.

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