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Top 10 Hiding Places For Mould

Mould Analysis Detects Invisible Problems

Professional mould analysis helps determine those hidden problems that could soon spiral out of control. This toxic substance often grows in areas that are invisible and hard to reach, and before you know it, you have a massive mould infestation to deal with.

Mould is everywhere, both in old homes as well as the new ones. All it needs is damp and wet conditions to spread. We have highlighted the areas that are susceptible to mould growth as well as how to prevent the problem. If you have a serious issue, consider a professional Toronto mould removal service for an effective and permanent solution.

Top 10 mould-prone areas:
  • Carpet:  Spills, leaks and floods allow water to soak into the carpet, its pad and often the underlayment. Moisture in the room air introduces even more water to the carpet. This creates favourable conditions for mould growth. Discard immediately if the carpet has been flooded for more than 48 hours, or if the source of the water is a sewage leak.
  • Ceiling tiles: Ceiling tiles (especially under the roof) are a mould hot spot and one of the main areas of mould analysis. All sources of leaks must be eliminated before the tiles are replaced or repaired. Unless the damage is relatively minor, water-damaged ceiling tile will require replacement.
  • Cavity walls: Mould loves the dark and damp interior spaces of cavity walls. To minimize moisture and its effects in cavity walls, correct any leaks and install vapour barriers during construction. Also ensure cracks on interior and exterior surfaces are filled.
  • Wallboard: Wallboard located in damp locations is particularly susceptible to mould; inspect it regularly for signs of dampness and mould growth.
  • Masonry surfaces: If mould is suspected, clean the area with a suitable cleaner and monitor it regularly for moisture and additional deposits.
  • Electrical equipment: Electrical equipment, fixtures and cables can be a significant source for mould development. Inspect areas around electrical switches, outlets mounted on exterior walls and ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures that are directly beneath unheated spaces. Caulk and seal the spaces around electrical outlets to eliminate gaps that allow air and moisture to enter the building. If water is found to be entering electrical conduits or other electrical equipment, find and eliminate the source of it.
  • Paper: When combined with moisture, paper encourages mould development and spread. To prevent this problem, ensure storage in areas where both the temperature and relative humidity are controlled. Do not stack boxes of paper on floors, particularly in the basement or on ground-floor concrete slabs.
  • HVAC system drain pans: Inspect and clean the pan regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating and blocking the drain line.
  • HVAC terminal units: Inspect these units at least once a year for leaks and dirt accumulation. Clean and fix any leaks.
  • Ductwork: To minimize risk of mould development, ensure that air-flow rates are within range. Interior surfaces of ducts should also be inspected regularly for leaks so that you can catch problems early.


Identifying the problem is the first step to effective mould removal. Get licensed inspectors to conduct a detailed mould analysis and put an end to all the guesswork.

Templar Mould/Asbestos Analysis & Removal has the expertise to identify the cause and extent of your mould problem as well as offer lasting solutions. We will inspect every area of your Toronto home to detect the presence of mould and then remove every last trace of it. You can also take advantage of our post-mould removal air sampling option to ensure it has been completely eliminated.

If you are looking for proven mould analysis and removal services in Toronto, call Templar Mould today at 647-694-4279.

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