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"Templar returned my phone call very quickly with a very reasonable quote. As soon as I rec'd the keys on closing, Robert and his crew did the vermiculite removal very quickly. I would recommend calling this company first to avoid any headaches."


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Vermiculite Analysis & Removal

Serving Toronto and the GTA

Why You Need Vermiculite Insulation Removal Services

Vermiculite is a perfectly safe granular mineral. When heated, grains expand to up to thirty times their original size. Lightweight, fireproof and odourless, expanded vermiculite makes excellent insulation for homes and buildings.

Unfortunately, most of the vermiculite used in North America until 1990 came from a mine that also produced asbestos.

Your Building Insulation Could Be Contaminated With Asbestos

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if you have vermiculite insulation in your home or business building, you should assume it may be contaminated with asbestos and you must take steps to protect occupants from asbestos exposure.

To prevent asbestos from contaminating your home, DO NOT disturb the insulation. Contact a professional removal specialist.


How Templar Will Help

If your home is over 20 years old and you think you might have vermiculite insulation, you need expert advice immediately. You need Templar’s safe and effective Analysis & Removal service.



  • Analyze your insulation and test for the presence of asbestos
  • Determine the extent of the contamination
  • Recommend remedial action


  • Only specially trained and certified crews
  • Safeguard your family’s health and safety throughout the entire process
  • Protect all areas of your home
  • External industrial strength vacuums, using sealed hoses and heavy duty filtration, remove the source directly from your home

Re-Insulation: Enjoy the comfort, protection and cost-savings of new, blown-in, loose-fill cellulose insulation. Templar installs your new insulation using the latest, dedicated equipment to ensure fast, clean application. Want more? Increase your insulation R-value and reduce moisture, mould and mildew by adding an inch of spray foam before your cellulose insulation.

Breathe Easier: Enjoy peace of mind when you choose Templar’s Analysis & Removal Services, which is protected by a guarantee that your home or business building is free of asbestos-contaminated vermiculite insulation.

A typical extraction process using a truck-mounted, HEPA-filtered vacuum that eliminates contamination

Let Templar Mould and Asbestos safely remove your vermiculite insulation.
Contact Templar - 416-209-4857 - and get $25.00 OFF a Templar Vermiculite Analysis for your home or business building.
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