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What Is Dry Ice Blasting: How Does It Help with
Mould Removal?

Dry ice blasting has become the preferred method for mould removal or remediation. The three main reasons for its popularity are that it is quicker, less messy and more effective when compared to traditional labour-intensive techniques such as sanders, scrapers and wire brushes.

How Does The Dry Ice Blasting Process For Mould Removal Work?

  • A blasting gun fires dry ice particles (rice-sized) at supersonic speed to impact and clean a surface. The energy transfer helps to knock off the contaminant with little or no damage to the surface.
  • Upon impact the dry ice sublimates (which means it goes from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid phase) to a CO2 gas, generating a volume expansion of 400 to 800 times. The rapid expansion underneath the contaminant on the substrate forces off the contaminant from behind. The energy transfer and gas pressure dynamics cause the contaminant to be relocated, becoming airborne (as with mould spores) or falls to the ground.
  • The mould spores then need to be removed by HEPA filters. Since the dry ice sublimates into a gas, no media remains to be cleaned up.


The Benefits Of Dry Ice Blasting:

  • Up to a 60 percent time savings over other mould cleaning methods
  • Easily and effectively cleans tight spaces that would be difficult for hands or tools to reach
  • The volume expansion that occurs during sublimation enhances the effectiveness with typical results showing less than 1 percent of toxic mould spores remaining
  • Leaves no media to clean up eliminating the time and cost of dealing with secondary waste as with traditional mould removal methods


Continual exposure to mould can lead to several health issues including allergies, wheezing, and asthma flare ups. It requires proper, direct treatment in order to remove existing spores and inhibit future growth by removing any matter that can support growth.

Templar Mould/Asbestos Analysis & Removal Services uses the latest technology to detect its presence and during remediation. Our proven dry ice blasting process can help you deal with mould once and for all.

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