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Mould Removal

Tips On How To Prepare Your Home

For complete mould removal you should hire an established remediation service. The professionals will help ensure your problem is dealt with permanently.

Mould grows anywhere. It is not limited only to older homes or buildings. All it needs is damp and wet conditions. Getting to the source of the issue is key to ensuring it won’t happen again. Here are some simple guidelines for effective mould remediation.

How To Prepare Your Home For Mould Removal:
  • Mould inspection: There are many different types of mould. Identifying which one you are dealing with helps formulate the right mould removal plan. Always get certified mould inspectors to ensure an accurate diagnosis.
  • Mould removal plan: The source and extent of your problem determines the mould removal method. Avoid bleach or off the counter solutions. Most of these only offer only temporary reprieve and some just mask the problem.
  • Contain the affected area: Mould spreads easily. It is important, therefore, to seal affected areas so as to limit the area of contamination. An established mould removal company will take care of all this. Protect family members and/or employees from the damaging effects of mould by keeping them away.


Additional Tips On Making The Mould Removal Process Effective:
  • Cleaning contaminated areas: Contaminated areas have to be cleaned thoroughly. There are a variety of ways to do this e.g. HEPA vacuum, wire brush scrubbing, sanding, soda blasting, dry ice blasting, etc. Using the right method or combination of processes will impact the effectiveness.
  • Disposal of contaminated materials: Health and regulatory agencies have specific guidelines for disposal of mould infected materials. Always ask your mould removal company how they plan to dispose of the waste.
  • Ongoing cleaning: A reliable mould removal company continually cleans tools and the work area throughout the remediation process to ensure maximum effectiveness and reduce risk of spread.
  • Air sampling post-mould removal: This is a good way to determine whether or not the mould remediation process was successful.


Templar Mould/Asbestos Analysis employs certified inspectors and proven mould removal processes to clean your home. All findings are verified by an independent laboratory to ensure maximum accuracy. Plus we offer air sampling to ensure that the remediation has been effective.

For professional, effective mould removal, contact Templar Mould today at 647-694-4279

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